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Mahalo nui for your loving support and for being the amazing you that you are.  You are an inspiration. – Steve B.


Workshops and Trainings for Groups, Organizations, Schools, and Businesses.

Learn together to use Connective Communication principles and tools, through a combination of information,  fun games, and interactive exercises. One-day workshops or ongoing training series can be tailored to your group’s needs.

3 Hour Intro

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In conflict transformation, each person is fully heard.  From the resulting mutual understanding of everyone’s most important principles and desired future, creative solutions emerge which value everyone’s needs equally. Mediation can bring resolution for family members, coworkers,  business teams, friends, couples, organizations, communit

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Private Sessions

Connective Communication Coaching for Individuals and Relationships

One on One:

Isa meets you in your stuck place and helps you reach the breakthrough you need. You leave the session with clarity on what’s really going on and how you want to be feeling and living, and with specific, practical steps to move in that direction

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Practice Groups

Connective Communication Practice Groups

The language of our culture is steeped in judgement, blame, and power-over.  When learning a new language, it’s helpful to practice with others over time.  Using fun exercises and games as well as group processes, the simple verbal mechanics of Nonviolent Communication serve to train and integr

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