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Practice Groups

Connective Communication Practice Groups

The language of our culture is steeped in judgement, blame, and power-over.  When learning a new language, it’s helpful to practice with others over time.  Using fun exercises and games as well as group processes, the simple verbal mechanics of Nonviolent Communication serve to train and integrate a consciousness of connection.

In Practice Groups, we:

~  Learn how to speak in ways that make it easy for others to hear what we mean, and how to listen so that others feel heard.

~  Enjoy receiving and giving fully supportive attention in a safe environment of acceptance and belonging.

~  Develop trust in ourselves to live in harmony with our own values.

~  Identify our judgemental thoughts and harvest the life-serving impulses and authentic longings embedded in them.

~ Allow all our feelings, and relate with our own pain compassionately.

Starting at $100 per hour.


I want to say “Mahalo” for the group meeting. After just one sharing, I feel like a door opened and I could see a beautiful light shining, letting me know that everything is in divine order and as it should be.  I guess my word for today is “acceptance.”  I’m hoping to learn a new approach to how I communicate, from gaining self-awareness and respect for myself and towards others. Your wonderful knowledge and beautiful self is helping me to attain this goal.  Me ke Aloha Pumehana.  – Sue B