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Private Sessions

Connective Communication Coaching for Individuals and Relationships

One on One:

Isa meets you in your stuck place and helps you reach the breakthrough you need.

You leave the session with clarity on what’s really going on and how you want to be feeling and living, and with specific, practical steps to move in that direction.

$60 per hour.

Partnership Coaching:

Being Me and Loving You: 

~  Break old dis-connective habits and experience undefended, healing love.

~  Build the deep trust you are longing for.

~  Express yourself freely and listen deeply.

~  Establish a mutual sense of being truly seen, valued, and understood.

~  Relax the tension between intimacy and freedom.

~  Use conflicts to get closer.

~  If necessary, get support for when and how to let go.

$60 per hour.